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Musical Walks Through Zagreb | Knjižara Ljevak

Musical Walks Through Zagreb

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"I took my first Walk through the Zagreb’s Upper Town sometime in 2002, without special preparation, at the request of a colleague from Vienna who came to Zagreb with her colleagues for a couple of days"

- the author, Ph.D. Nada Bezić.

This journey led to an intriguing, multi-layered creation, culminating in the printed format of "Musical Walks in Zagreb" by the accomplished musicologist, Ph.D. Nada Bezić. Following in the footsteps of cities like London, Berlin, Prague, and other European cities that recognized their musical heritage, Zagreb now boasts its own specialized guide, rapidly becoming a beloved classic, much like the live walks she leads. This is the first musical guide through Croatia's capital, with photographs and maps guiding you to all the significant sites for art music. Ph.D. Nada Bezić's meticulous research is complemented by engaging anecdotes, primarily focused on the past two centuries. As the first book in Croatia to explore this unique subject (musical topography!), an important project of its publisher, Školska knjiga, was to translate it from Croatian into English and German. This makes it accessible to the multitude of tourists, like those in European metropolises since the 1980s, who have enjoyed specialized guides on their journeys.


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